Service Design at

After I came back from Copenhagen I did a presentation in the start-up I work for about what I’ve learned. It’s called and it’s a job search platform for young employees. We decided to implement this knowledge and know-how into our work. We created a team that included me (Graphic/UX Designer) Tomek (Head of Programming) and Kasia (Analyst, Cognitive Science student).

1. We started by norming.

We introduced ourselves using timeboxing (5min each). We focused on our skills – what we know how to do already and what we want to learn while working on the project. We talked about the schedule, how much time do we want to spend on work etc.IMG_3304

2. The next day we focused on what the challenge was. We needed to work on the Unique Value Proposition for our users. At first how to enlarge it, add some new features and then how to make it more visible and clear.

With the help of post-its and white board we grouped our ideas and the needs of users. It was also very important what kind of information do we need from users to be more effective.

Fortunately we already had materials about our Personas and ideas for UVPs that we prepared before.

3. It was time to build a user scenario. It wasn’t easy but the result helped us a lot. It was clearing up what we need to build for the prototype and what answers are we looking for by testing.

IMG_3313 2

4. And we did the testing 🙂

We had a very low fidelity prototype, we drew the wireframes on paper just to test if the users are ready to give us some informations about their careers and education and then if they are interested in our service. The testing went even better than I expected, turns out not only in Copenhagen people react very friendly to this kind of initiatives.

5. Research analysisIMG_3318

We grouped the feedback and decided on what is important for us.

6. Build. Test. Repeat.

The next week was all about building an interactive digital prototype. I designed it in Axure, Kasia helped me so we could work faster. We tested again and we improved the prototype. And again, and again.

7. We analyzed the whole research again. We decided on how we want the actual mock-up to look like, what will be the order of implementation on the website.

8. Time for feedback!

The part I like to practice the most. Before Copenhagen I had problems telling people what I think. So I kept a lot to myself and it wasn’t working out for me. After a small break through I see that I made a lot of progress in that matter. I’m much more confident so I’m not worried about what will someone think of me. Now I’m encouraging others to try the same. We practiced it a bit during the last day of our work on this service design project. And it went well 🙂