Agnieszka Czyżak

Braster Care Mobile Apps

I’ve been working on Braster Care mobile apps for the 8th month now with a great team at and it’s finally available in AppStore and Google Play. It was an amazing experience and I’ve learned tones about mobile apps design. I designed it with Karolina Chmiel in Sketch, exported it to Zeplin  and planned everything with the development team in Jira so there were a lot of helpful tools around us. We started with wireframes and flows and finished on visual design including icons, illustrations and styleguides.

It was a big challenge to work on a mobile application that is connected to a hardware device. We had to support a lot of edge cases and errors with the connection. That was a great lesson of how important it is not to leave the user behind in case of a bad scenario.

We worked out some great processes combining all of the communication routs: design – development; design – testing and we did a lot of meet-ups about it, contributing to the whole company.

You can read more about the project here: