A moment that changed my life

I was wondering:

How to design a moment, a memory, without making a detailed illustration? So how to design a sign, a logo for a story?

I picked my favorite conversation starter “What was the moment that changed your life?” to work on.

1. What was it? A conversation with a French anarchist (in his late 60’s) in Burgundy during Wine Harvesting. He helped me understand how to enjoy the moments in life. September 2014

2. So a drew the things that are associated with the memory.1

3. I put them all together. 3

4. I simpiflied the shapes.4

5. So how to make a symbol of the fraze “It’s a beautiful day to die”? It was his motto tooked the well known Sioux warrior Crasy Horse who shouting “Hoka hey!” while going to war.

6. I searched for the symbols of Native Americans and I found this.sioux

7. And I took the SUN/happiness from it. 5

8. I drew it in Illustrator. memory-019. And I adjusted it a bit.

memory2-0110. Still to much details.



So that happens when it’s to hot to sleep at night.