5 rules of an Appreciated Designer

The job market for creative people was never gracious. I felt if from the beginning of my first work experience as a photographer and designer. Art and design have never been on the first place of the human needs and it’s hard to convince people that it’s worth caring about them.

So what should we do so the recipient, customer, or a social group understands that it is worth it to invest their time and money in our work?

How to make our work appreciated?

1. Be a winner

My dad always says that I have to believe that I can do anything and that I’m the best. If I don’t believe in myself, why should anyone else? We have to be confident about our projects and ideas, only then we can defend them. The customer will sense very quickly if we’ve put our hearts into our work and whether we think it’s good.

2. Go all out

It shows whether you try hard enough. You can’t lead into a situation where the customer says “Could you do it … differently?” That doesn’t mean that the customer is a jerk, it means that you did it poorly. Remember that each project is your business card and if you’re not proud of it, then you have to improve it.

3. Don’t be an “artist”

How many times have I heard the phrase “Well, yes, but he is an artist …” so he may be late, he can wait for the inspiration to come, he may sleep all day long or deliver the project a month after the deadline. No. Being an artist is a huge privilege. Being an artist is to have a talent, to be open-minded, to have lots of ideas and to be something more than the others. Disorganization, laziness and arrogance are not the assets that belong to the artist.

4. Describe your ideas precisely

Not everyone needs to understand why the white walls in the living room are better than purple and why a black dress is more elegant than a gold one. I often observe people exalting themselves above ones who  have a worse sense of aesthetics than others. We must seek for compromises and remember that design is ment to be for the people. Therefore, we should patiently explain our opinion and give a chance for the customer to describe his point of view. Our mission is to understand the needs of people and use our creativity to respond to them with a solution.

5. Take care of your own brand

Regardless of whether you work in a corporation, start-up company or you have your own business, you should remember that everything you do affects your future career. You have a opportunity to make a project for an interesting association but it’s for free? You can reject it without thinking but you can agree once and maybe thanks to that get a well-paid job from the president of the association who also has his own company. Do as much as possible, develop your skills, invest in yourself, meet interesting people, go for adventures, get into important initiatives. Of course within the limits of rationality but remember that you never know how such actions and knowledge will profit in the future.

This are the rules that I follow at work. It’s not a guaranteed recipe for success but it’s worth to remember them while working in many different industries. Most importantly: “don’t give up!”. Don’t get frustrated, don’t doubt if what we do makes sense.