Hi! My name is Agnieszka

I'm a UX/UI Designer with more than 3 years of experience

Since I was a teenager I have always been looking for a way to express myself and communicate with the world around me. After years of painting, drawing and writing I finally decided to concentrate on photography. I studied photojurnalism and I worked for some time as a freelance photographer. I still do some personal projects in my studio.

With photography in the main focus I decided to devote some time to developing my skills as a Designer as well. By learning how to use new tools and working on interesting projects I found out that Design provides me with much more opportunities for being creative and gives me even more satisfaction.

My interest in humans, constant question-asking and passion for design techniques took me to Service and Experience Design. During Summer School in Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design I developed my skills in research, prototyping, design thinking, basic programming, workability and teamwork.

I'm currently working as a UI Designer at Polidea, focusing on mobile applications.

What I do best


Conducting a workshop is always a big and exciting challenge. I plan it in every detail, considering time boxing and flexibility, mindful that the outcome may impact the whole design process.

Flows & Wireframes

Project setup and Information Architecture is the part where my analytical thinking comes into play. It's a stage of tough questions, analysis and brainstorming.

User Testing

I believe that everyone that we make a decision for should have a possibility to 'sit at the table' and contribute. User testing is the best opportunity to make sure that we truly Design the best solution possible. 

Visual Design

I love the part of setting up a new file, preparing style guides and symbols in Sketch, having my environment clean and smart. Through implementation I work closely with the developers.

My latest publication

I have put a lot of effort to make mobile applications accessible for all users. In this area I have gained experience in UX/UI design, user testing and even a little bit in the development itself.

By giving presentations on conferences in the subject of Accessibility I'm spreading my knowledge so more digital products can become accessible. For this very reason I also wrote the Accessibility in Mobile Aplications Report, 2016.

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